Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Well hi! Didja miss me?

I am back! YYYYAAAAYYYY!!! Hhmm, why am I the only one cheering? Oh well, in case you were wondering ( which is unlikely ) if I had a good time, I did! Well, of course I did! When have I ever gone on a trip, came home, blogged about it, and said I had a rotten time? But, in all honesty, from the depths of my heart, I had a GREAT TIME!! I don't know what to say when people ask me which part of it I enjoyed the most- playing games with my cousins who were nice enough to have us over, spending time with my grandparents who were nice enough to bring us, playing guitar with my uncle and granddad who were nice enough to put up with me, or bugging my aunt to let me hold my littlest cousin Johannah, who was nice enough to only spit on my face once. ;) I am glad to be home, even though I only got to spend a day and a half with my poor Dad before he had to leave again :( So to get you up-to-date on what we've done since I've been home...well nothing of interest to you, watching Veggietales, staying up till 1:00 in the morning drawing, and writing on my books. Oh, and for all of you where so proud of me when you found out I was writing a book, allow me to tell you about my now thirteen-year-old cousin Abby who is on the last chapter of the sequel to her book. Yeah, I told you I was a procrastinator! Oh, well. One day I'll finish it, when Abby is sitting in the mall signing books ;) Oh, yeah, two announcements, one; I think I'm gonna start movie reviewing on this blog, and two; I'm going to Lake Winnie next Friday!!!!!!!

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Christina said...

I'm glad you had fun, but REALLY glad that you are home! We missed you and Ruby. :)