Friday, June 18, 2010

One Girl Alone; A Blogging Legacy

OK, so what's on the agenda for today? Well Nothing really, since my Mother decided to put to shame my reputation for being a workaholic. The house is spotless, my clothes are organized, I can't write right now, and if Mom mentions school, I will pack up and leave. Recently I have been lapsing into severe laziness, which has been giving way to depression. But only when I am blogging. I have no idea why I have the sense of responsibility that I must blog. Or maybe it's because every time I look back and read a recent post, it's like reading the very random thought chain of someone who's bored, depressed, and up WAY late to be tampering with his/her reputation. And tampering with my reputation is exactly what I've been doing recently, trying to express and explain myself without regard to other peoples opinions, and only succeeding in making myself out to be depressed and withdrawn. But there have been moments of truth to what I've written, although that side of me is the hidden...well previously hidden, side. So what I'm saying is, enough of sicko-oligy on this blog! Let's get back to the random, the comedic, the boring, the obsessed...uhm...let's get back to whatever we were doing before. So updates-well, not a lot has happened that's worth chronicling, but Mom (or maybe I should say "Aunt Bee") has about ten watermelons growing her garden. Among other things, including tomatoes, zucchinis, and the best cucumbers in the history of mankind. Also me and Ruby have been watching "Doctor Who" again more, and I gotta say, this Matt Smith fella is OK, he's no David Tennant or Tom Baker, but he's OK. (And yes, I will once again assume you know what I'm talking about). The end of the season is approaching and I REALLY hope he keeps this companion! In other news (lol) Ruby has taken up puppeteering (and I thought television in the 70's didn't effect your mind), I have been previewing MST3K's (cause' I can do that! YAY!) and found a lot more good ones to watch. Also I have hatches this crazy scheme to recycle old ugly clothes into new trendy ones. Will keep you posted. Now I gotta switch out laundry...

P.S. As for the title...I didn't even think about it. It just sounded catchy!

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