Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random Ramblings of a Sick Mind

Ok, frozen pizzas are in the oven, Muppet Babies is o the TV. I want to write something, but all my ideas fall flat on paper. Perhaps my creative flair will show itself later. Is depression a symptom of a cold? But, then, I'm not really depressed. I have a terrible feeling of dissatisfaction, and yet- I cannot thing of anything I would rather do then sit here and watch this horrid, cute, terrible, brilliant show. The voices grate my head, and I muse to myself, "If my cold were any worse, I would sound just like her- and then, if I held my nose right now I could sound like him!" I say these things out loud and my sisters laugh dutifully. I get up to check the pizza and my legs are shaking. I look out the window, waiting for Mom to pull in the drive. I am extremely nervous of her coming home and seeing Muppet Babies on the television. Why? I don't know, I am that kind of person though, If I am responsible for putting something on, or liking something, I instantly feel responsible for whether or not all my family and friends like it. So If i know they won't, I try and keep it a secret. Now my book, that is something I know I like, I like the way it is coming along. I think people would like it if they read it. And yet, I worry about Mom wanting to read it because, after all, I am responsible for it. Pretty good music for a kids show, pretty good jokes, terrible show. But all the kids like it and I'm glad. And I think, if I could, I would like to sit in my room and watch these, with Ruby, who despises it. Oh well, Pizzas out. Ruby did that-she is being a huge help. Well goodbye people, I'm going to stop boring you now.


Wren said...

Hi my sweet darling niece,
I hope you feel better soon, you sound miserable, in a sweet & darling way, of course!

VWbugnut said...

No, I sound kind of insane, as I read back now,I write these thing all the time, but I NEVER post them.P.S. disregard all that stuff about Muppet Babies...