Monday, June 14, 2010

Eulogy for Fozzie

Now, how to write a Eulogy? I guess I might start by clarifying the fact that this is a eulogy for a guinea pig, not the Muppet bear, because...A; I'm not sure how a Muppet would die in the first place, B; Then a eulogy would be the Jim Henson Company's department, or Disney, and C;...oh no, I'm getting distracted. Now I'm not really sure how this goes, having only been to one funeral, and I don't remember the speech given, I guess I'll just say a few words about the dearly departed. Fozzie was named by me, for his looks. He had dark, orange, curly fuzz for fur, large ears, and small round black eyes. Ok, so I know that doesn't sound like Fozzie bear, but...he looked different in person. Ruby's original name for him was Mathias, and I'm not sure what she named him for but she certainly thought her name was better than mine, and it became a source of argument throughout most of his lifetime. My name was eventually settled on, after it was nearly changed to Rowlf (??Muppets again??). another reason for his naming was that he was the SWEETEST little pet anyone could own. While the others might kick or squirm when you picked them up, Fozzie would always snuggle up to you and let you pet him, even nudging your hand if you stopped. This quickly made him the favorite of the family, and several different people, including both the parents, set a claim to him. There, I think that's all that can, could, or should be said about any guinea pig, so the lousy eulogy ends here. Rest In Peace Fozzie, you will be missed. :(

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