Friday, November 14, 2008

Birthday Girl!

That was AWESOME!!!!! In case you were wondering I had a GREAT birthday! Unfortunately my big movie - and - the - mall trip with my group of friends was rescheduled, but I still had a great time. Me, and everyone in my family all went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. The food was delicious but I ate so much chips and salsa I was too full to eat anything but cake. Oh, and about the cake, IT WAS ADORABLE!!!!!!!! My cake was made by a friend of my grandmother's, and she did a WONDERFUL job. It had white icing with red and blue trim, but my favorite part was the top of the cake which had a pop out Herbie the love bug on it. it was sssssssooooooooo adorable! We ate the cake part that night but we saved the Herbie for later, (because I was to squeamish to let anyone cut it; ) Aside from the cake, I got a lot of great presents. Including: a cute little piggy bank shaped, once again, like a VW bug ( you start to realize the theme of my little party ), a silky pink scarf ( which I wore yesterday, thank you Nina :), twenty smackeroonies spending money ( yes, I know that's not a word ) and plenty of other great stuff. All in all I had a great time was so glad I got to spend time with my family. The only two drawbacks were, first of all, that my cousin Abby couldn't be there, and second, that poor Herbie had too stay home as he has a flat tire. ; ) = 0


Bruce said...

It was a great party for a great girl (young lady). If I can figure how to get those pictures onto the computer we will send them to you so you can post them.
Love ya,

VWbugnut said...

thanks Pop, you'll figure it out eventually. ;)