Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Muppet Mania!

Ok, so if you know me ( and if your reading this you must ) then you probably know that this post is WAY over due. I have posted about everything that we have been into since I began this blog. I mean, there's a post in there for Ducktales, Doctor Who, and (I think, but I'm too lazy to look ) even Spongebob. Take a look at the theme of this blog for goodness sake! The whole thing is a tribute to Herbie ( whom I still adore, but our separation has become too painful to talk about ;) So it's only fair that should take a moment to tell you ( as always, as if you cared ) about my family and the Muppets. Of course, the Muppets aren't just some new thing that we suddenly stumbled upon and were captivated with, I have loved them since I was a child, just like all my sisters, and as far as I know, my parents too. So why the Muppet craze all of a sudden? Huh, dunno. I think it started when we found "Muppets Take Manhattan" on Netflix instant watch. Which inspired us to rent "The Muppet Movie" which inspired me to buy "The Great Muppet Caper" which inspired Mom to rent us "The Muppet Show". Not to mention, "Muppet's From Space", "Muppet's Treasure Island", and even "The Muppets go to the Movies" a lost TV special only released once on VHS in 1981 ( in case you haven't noticed, let me clarify the fact that I am a nerd! ). My little sisters love them as much as I do, and I am still trying to get them to stop asking for me to put on "Muppet Babies" like I did that once when I was babysitting. Note to self; the 80's can mess up anything and I don't think it get's any more messed up than "Muppet Babies". Naomi can name all the Muppets ( and I mean all of them, from Kermit to Scooter to Beauregard, and that's more than any of you folks know!) Esther loves "Fraggle Rock" and has told me matter-of-factly that she is going to marry Fozzie, Gonzo and Wembley. Anyway, I think it's about time I came clean and admitted that I have enjoyed this phase just as much as everyone else has, and if you wanna make me really happy, ( and let me know you read this all the way through ) leave a comment and tell me who your favorite Muppet is! Feel the nerd-love!


Christina said...

I like Fozzy and Dr.Teeth, but it is the combination of them all that makes it great! :)

Wren said...

Miss Piggy of course!

BTW, you have a writing style very similar to Jasmine Baucham & she just signed a book deal!

VWbugnut said...

Really Mom? I LOVE both those! I also like Rowlf, Scooter and Beauregard, the little-known ones are always some of the funniest! And about that other blog, I don't think I'm quite book-writing materiel, believe me, I've given it a try!