Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pet Profiles

OK, so usually I limit myself to one blog post a day but- since you begged - here goes. This is a "Pet Profile" is to ensure that the next time one of our animals...uh...bites the dust, everyone will know which one, and the consoling answer won't be "Oh, sorry. So how many does that make?" So first things first-

The Mother cat. She is the big one with the crazy black and white fur. She is very sweet and tolerant of the kids. Both ours, and hers.

The favorite of the family, and unarguably the cutest of the kittens. She is a bit of a Moma's girl but she has a brave side too. Brown tabby.

Yes, I realize she is black. But I have always wanted to name a cat Smoke. Smoke is the runt, the smallest and the most withdrawn. She is a loner, and usually stays with Moma or by herself. Her eye has a little infection that makes it crusty.She is my fave ;)

Presto; Cute name, huh? Presto's personality is pretty much the same as Cinnamon's, except that she is more of a tag-along. She is also a bit more willing to try new things, as long as Punky tries them first. She's the black and white spotted.

Punky; Well named, although when Mom gave it to her, it was only because of the Mohawk-shaped marking on her head. Punk is the rebel, unafraid to do anything, including swat at you. She is in the kitchen as we speak, being rewarded for catching a mouse. She's the one that looks like she's being squished by Mom.


Dorthea; Named for the Redwall character, Dorthea was a very young mother, and still retains her childish personality and high-pitched squeak. White and light brown.

Gypsy; Named for the MST3K character, Gypsy is sweet, loving, and a complete wimp.Her original name was Mariel, for the Redwall character (we use a lot of character names) but the personality was totally off. The gray one that looks like a mouse. She is mine.

The Brain;
Named, obviously, for "Pinky and the Brain" the TV show, the Brain lives up to his character; evil, and smart. What are we going to tonight Brain?" "The same thing we do every night Falcon, try to take over the world!" He is the small white one with the spiky hair.

; Big and dumb. But adorable! Ruby's love. ;) White and fuzzy with gray spots.

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Christina said...

Oh, but you forgot the newest member... Izzy's fish. Does it even have a name, yet? Aren't those kittens and piggies adorable? I think so!