Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hunger and Boredom

No,no,no- this is not one of those 'depressed' posts. I promised not to do that again, and anyway those are no fun! All I'm gonna use this post for is to ramble and to complain. And yes, I am hungry and bored. For once my post title meant something! I amaze myself! And before you call Child Services on my parents, allow me to clarify that I am both hungry and bored by my own fault. I'm hungry because I'm picky. I'm fourteen and I still can't stand veggies, in this case, squash and okra. Eeewwuuugghhh!! Just writing them gives me chills. I'm bored because the Doctor Who that everyone is watching in the living-room is "Stones Of Blood" and I could quote all the dialogue in that one. But won't, because it's old and goofy. So far this post is pretty boring, as I read back. Maybe I need something to spruce it up? A chorus line perhaps? Nah, you'll just have to put up with more of me. Dad has been home this week, which has been awesome! It's wonderful having someone around the house to help while Mom recovers, and I know it makes her very happy just having him here. Now, I want to ask you a favor. Yes, YOU!! I have been trying for awhile to figure out something to do with this blog. "Hhmm... why don't you try BLOGGING??!" Well smarty, what I meant was that I want a reason to blog. As I said one of those other posts that you didn't comment on, not a lot of interest happens in my life, so I was kind of hoping for a suggestion. Movie reviewing? Product reviewing? People reviewing? You may leave suggestions in the comment box. ;) Lastly, I have had a real urge to start driving recently. I'm not sure what spurred it, maybe the fact that Brianna is getting her learner's permit this week (congrats!) or maybe just the feeling of being stuck at home with nothing left do, or maybe all the babysitting clients I've lost thanks to no transportation. Oh well, won't be long now ;)

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