Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bad news and good news

First the bad news, my bug was sold. Yah, that's right. That mean guy Blaylock in the junkyard sold it to someone else when I had already payed one hundred bucks for it!! GRR... he makes me so mad! Oh well, the good news. I found another one! And this one is more of what I wanted, cheaper and the guy who is selling it is really nice. It's also a 68' which is closer to the year Herbie was. Sure, it's in worse shape mechanical wise, but mmaann is it CUTE!( Just a quick warning though, we haven't payed anything for it yet so don't be to disappointed if it doesn't work out. ) Here's a pic of it.


chiefspark said...

I have seen worse! I would go back out to where it is and roll that drivers window up though. If it is rained into enough it will rust out the floor pan.(not a good thing)
It looks pretty complete except someone stole the turn signals off the fenders. How much is this one?
looks like a herbie look-a- like in the making.

VWbugnut said...

it's $450.00 no engine no floor pans. Nothing bu plain VW bug cutness