Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Daily Dose Of Nothingness, And "The Incredibles"

So hello, imaginary readers. I notice you haven't been commenting on my blog lately, oh yeah, you can't! Because you don't exist! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ok, so down to business, as the title of this oh-so-glorified chunk of words implies, nothing of much excitement has been going on recently around here, however, I can proudly report that I brought my first crop of vegetables in from my garden today (as long as your all imaginary there's no need for honesty) and made a delicious dinner out of it. I also fried home-made doughnuts for breakfast this morning. (aren't I just the perfect Aunt Bee?;) And now I am comfortably sitting in my spotless bedroom listening to "The Incredibles" playing in the living room. And as long as I'm doing that, I may as well say a few words about that movie. I'm sure you've all been just holding your breath waiting for me to start movie reviewing, and guess what, I'm not yet. This isn't a movie review; I'm not quite ready to start on that and anyway I haven't found a movie suitable for reviewing that hasn't been seen by everyone I know. Maybe, just maybe, if someone cared enough they could give a suggestion for something they were considering watching, and I would oblige my feeble opinion as to if it was a good choice or not (and make some snitty, mst3k style remarks too). But, until then, I will stick with light commentary. As for the plot of this movie; I like it, it falls out of the category of 1940's "Superman" Esq cartoons, and presents an actually valuable learning experience, something other than "Rescue the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy, save the world." (quote from "The Mummy", *sniffs, pushes glasses up nose*) But don't worry, there is plenty of bad-guy-beating up going on, enough that I'm sure lot's of people were pretty shocked by the violence. Not that violence in superhero movies is a new thing, but the difference between punching someone is 2-D animation and 3-D animation is pretty big, at least, I flinched a few times. Also, I like that the bad guy isn't some completely nutzo-dude in a huge doomsday machine, with a weird animal-based outfit and name. Instead, he's someone you sort of sympathies with, which makes the part at the end were he's sucked into the airplane propeller actually mean something instead of just being the inevitable. Now that's all I'm really gonna say right now, aside from that my favorite character is Elastagirl (a tough, smart stay-at-home Mom, now that's something new for Disney movies) and that the valuable learning experience I mentioned earlier but didn't explain was the whole "Family" aspect of the movie. Well that's that. Goodnight imaginary readers, bore you tomorrow, I have a brownie-bowl to lick out.


Christina said...

hmmm... your garden,eh? Fried up some doughnuts, did ya? Interesting.;)

Brianna said...

hi finally got back in to my blog

Brianna said...

hi i got my blog back