Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something Pretty Nerdy And Wierd That I Dug Up That I Thought I'd Post Here

I sigh a lot. I sigh when I look at my sewing box full of unfinished projects. I sigh when I find out what were having for dinner. And I sigh when I see blog posts put on FB. Not because it annoys me, by all means, if something is a great inspirational work of art, why not share it with the world? I guess what makes me sigh is the knowledge that I will never be the kind of person who can write an educated, heart-wrenching article of interest. And no, I am not gold-digging... I just don't write like that, it's not my style. I am a comedic nerd, for better or for worse. Not that comedy is necessarily my strong point either, it's simply what I enjoy writing. But enough on that subject, as to the title, it's really nothing of interest except that I recently discovered that they are making a new Muppet movie. "Oh, WWWHHHEEE!!" You say, "That was worth the paragraph of buildup... Not!" Yeah, sorry, but if you read this blog at all get used to useless bits of information like the above, they are pretty much my life. OK, now I really sound depressed. Where was I? Ahh, well they plan to release it on Christmas, which, yeah is not the best idea. It's called "The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made" which makes me wonder two things; Does the writer have something against Jim Henson? And how is the advertising company gonna cope to that long title? I can only hope it'll be better than the other more recent Muppet productions, which I've only seen one of; the incredibly bizarre "Muppets From Space" I thought it only OK, but I hear it's peaches next to "Wizard of Oz" and "It's a Very Merry Christmas Movie". Still with me? OK, sorry about the droning. You get the basic picture, and I am going to pray for everyone involved in the making, because after seeing all that great old Muppet stuff, I'd love to see them brought back in a decent film. K, I'm gonna let you go now, Ruby is making cookies and she doesn't need any help whatsoever. My Que.

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