Monday, June 21, 2010


Well hello again, my oh so tolerant readers. As you can tell from that introduction, I am in quite a jovial mood. Jovial? OK, so maybe I'm in a 16'th century England mood, I can never tell with me. For once I am not going to tell you that nothing much has happened in the last few days. Not that anything of interest has happened, I'm just not going to tell you that. As you know Father's day was yesterday...I think...but my poor father was out of town. :( On the bright side though, the day before me and Mom got to have a "girl's night out" together when my grandparents took all the other children (their brave, aren't they?) so me and Mom went out to eat, and then bought "Just Dance" and danced our pants off for awhile. Then we rented the new "Sherlock Holmes" movie and watched it. And if your hoping and/or expecting a review on that-don't hold your breath. All I'm gonna say is that, regardless of the fact that this is one of my favorite stories of all times that Hollywood is modernizing here, It was a brilliant movie. And they really did a much better job of keeping it close to the book than I expected (but then, I've learned not to expect much). After that Mom went to bed (the weenie pants) and I watched an MST3K by myself in the living room, so that was the end of our night together. Oh, and since your probably wondering about the title- I chose it for two good reasons. One; it's the name of my mother's favorite show, which means she will be forced read at least to here. Two; why do I need a second reason? I'm done trying to think up titles for these things. If I kept them all based on the post, they would all be named "Nothing Much Has Happened This Week". OK, I'm not gonna stay on here much longer, I'm hungry-need to bug Mom about lunch. Just one more thing, I need help from all you people that I like to imagine read this blog. See, I want a trip to McKay's. unfortunately, the house is clean, the car is clean, and aside from those things there is no force on heaven or earth that can make Mom take me. So please, leave a comment and ask her, nay, beg her, nay, BRIBE her! You will be rewarded in heaven.

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