Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Very Distracted Update

Ok, an update- well, facebook has pretty much taken care of that for me, but just in case you happened not to take a look every five minutes, and by the time you got on your homepage was cluttered in so much meaningless junk that my statuses were buried- here's what's been going on this week. Dad is home!!! FINALLY! And boy has he been making up for the time he was away! Mom has him building a goat pin, for (surprise, surprise ) GOATS! Mom's going to look at some this week. Fun right? Now if I could only get used to that goat milk... Oh, and speaking of Mom, I had this weird, vivid dream last night about me going back in time and meeting her when I was a baby. What is that a sign of I wonder? Also, I have decided to just start putting all my blog posts on Facebook. I'm not going to try and decide whether they are good enough, so don't feel inclined to read them. I'm just tired of writing posts that only my mother reads, and I'm sure she's sick of it too, the way I hound her for comments ;) So FB readers- if you like this blog, I would suggest you read back on the older posts you missed... except "Random ramblings of a sick mind". I'm trying to forget that one. Let's see...I think that's all on the news for this week; I accidently punched through a glass window, resulting in a cool camo pinky ring (am I blonde, or what?), we spent Fourth Of July with our neighbors ( also our landlords, nice folks ) and I have decided to get a summer job. Dad says to just advertise my babysitting services, so...consider this an advertisement... I want a summer job because I have three things to save up for (aside from Herbie- cruel fate :( A new guitar, some converse high top boots, and that wal-mart card I talked about last post. Well goodnight folks, and God bless!


Bruce said...

Just because we don't comment doesn't mean we don't read your interesting posts.

VWbugnut said...

Sweet of you! ;) make sure to catch up!