Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Wanna Be a Writer...And Then Marry Porky Pig.

Greetings, oh you glutton-for-punishment readers.

Sorry, sincerely for that last post. It was frightening, I know. It's really not pretty when a 15-year-old doesn't sleep. And sorry, also, that I have been slacking off on writing too. School's back in, and Dad's been home, and there have been a lot of Loony Tunes playing...but I digress.
What finally made me get off my un-dignified body part was the awesome writer's workshop thing that I went to this week, as a part of Foundations Collegium. It was a great investment of time, and I have gained a lot of much-needed tips from said experience. But most importantly, it brought back into the light my neglected ambition- to be a writer. Yes friends, family and imaginary readers- I don't know if I've said so on this blog before- but I have decided firmly that I want to be a writer. (And no, Papa, it has nothing to do with all the Dick Van Dyke show we watched during Christmas) I want to write drama, and comedy and fantasy- and believe it or not, I know I can do it. I just need to find my feet- my mode, my subject, and the perseverance and time to try. I once composed four verses about LOST to the tune of "Gilligan's Island" completely off the top of my head. And as nerdy as that was, it showed me that I have something of a knack for rhyming. I started re-writing "Pursuer of the North", using more descriptions and less...filler, in the hopes that I can make it up-to-par with my own standards without changing it to much. Me and Mom were talking today about what I should do if I want to be a serious writer, and she agrees that the first place I should start is here, on my blog. So here I am...starting.
Actually, I have a pretty good idea to bring some substance and consistency to this undignified appropriation of literature- essay topics. As part of the aforementioned writer's workshop, we were given a list of about a grillion essay topic which are available to the kids taking a college course in writing. They are all nice, informative little one-line questions like; "Do you prefer shopping at a large shopping center or at downtown stores? Discuss." and "Should government-owned wilderness areas be preserved? Discuss why or why not." So, along with the whatever-you-want-to-call-it that you usually get here, there will be a separate post for the next essay question. Leave-taking! (I love my thesaurus!)

P.S. I want re-iterate. Since I'm going to be trying a slightly more serious and educational tone on some (not all, I never said all) of my new posts, I just want to remind you of one very, very important thing. Porky Pig is absolutely,actually, admittedly, as a matter of fact, assuredly, authentically, beyond doubt,categorically, certainly, de-facto, easily,
real, genuinely, honestly,
in actuality, in effect, in fact, in point of fact, in reality, indeed, indubitably, legitimately, literally, no ifs ands or buts, nothing else but, of course, positively, precisely,surely, truly,undoubtedly, unmistakably, unquestionably, verily, well AD
ORABLE!!! ( I LOVE the thesaurus!!) If you don't believe me, go here and listen for yourself. It's the top one, "Blue Christmas" Your very welcome.

P.P.S Yes, the first question will be posted today...soon. And Yes, I still actually do plan to review "Toy Story 3". A Thousand Promises.


Bruce said...

Love your new blog. You need to adjust your background; it is hard to see clearly for old eyes like Nina and Me and Porky Pig. He is old you know...too old for a young chick like you...get it - pig and chick...bacon and eggs...old bacon and young egg. Being the chick you are; the eggs are all in a days work but for poor Porky the bacon is a total commitment for him. Wow, my comment turned into a blog post. Hope that didn't depress you. Love Papa (and Nina)

Bruce said...

Addendum to my last blog/comment. I guess I had something pushed wrong on our computer. It was white print on light blue background. I see it is fine now and wasn't your fault it was mine or Nina's or Porky's.
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VWbugnut said...

Ha! Bacon and eggs! I get it,funny! But please folks, try to impress the hubby ;)