Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Daily Question; Is Advertising the Adversary?

I didn't forget! And only three days late...

As promised, our first question!!! I think the major challenge is going to be thinking up a snappy title to these things. Anyway, the first topic on our list is...

"Discuss the influence that advertising has had on your life and the life of your friends."

Doozy. The first question had to be something complicated, didn't it? But we must begin the beguine. Advertising, whether or not it has an influence over our lives, is a huge part of our lives, and no one can deny that. There is not one stronghold which the diabolical forces of salesmanship have not assailed. The majority of our mail is advertising, half of what we watch on television is advertising, the internet has more advertisements than Bob Hope has funny lines. We get advertising when we watch sports, or concerts- everything is "sponsored by" someone. Billboards advertise to us when were driving, text messages and phone calls, fliers etc. So it's no discovery that we are being advertised too 90% of the time. The question is, how much of it sticks with us? How much of it actually effects our decisions?
One thing that I've noticed effects me personally, is what I think is best described as "brand reputation". Ever noticed the difference when one of the normal commercials for some product you probably already have comes on, with a real looking set and a well-known song playing in the background? And then there are the commercials with bad-lighting, low-budget sets and terrible sound quality, and your mind instantly flips into "cheap" mode? It's like, the fact that they had less money to spend on their commercial sends a message that they spent less money on their product too. Especially local commercials. Maybe it's just were I live, but man- we people in Georgia cannot make a decent commercial.
So I guess the fundamental question is unanswerable by someone my age. I leave it up to you good folks, should all salesmen be burned at the stake? The world may never know.

P.S. I've figured it out. Since I usually only have time to write one blog post a day (I'm so busy, sitting on the couch watching Looney Tunes all day) I will stay completely on topic in my "daily question" posts, except for the P.S. part, which I will announce my various comings and goings.

P.P.S. I have decided on two things this week (aside from the marriage) I want to read an autobiography of Jack Benny, he is my favorite comedian and actor and someone I admire greatly. And, I am going to get my hair cut to shoulder length. And something I noticed- this was a terrible first topic. Hopefully there will be a better one in the reasonably-close future.
Goodbye, and remember; God is great, thesauruses are good, and Porky Pig is still adorable. Leave-taking!


Bruce said...

Sometimes I find the advertisements/commercials more entertaining then the medium in which it is showcased. Some I am offended by and refuse to buy their product because of the ad. Some I like the ad but have no idea what product they are pushing. Am I the only one offended by the bears singing love songs when talking about toilet paper? I have a greater appreciation of ads since getting hooked on Madmen on AMC.

VWbugnut said...

YES! The bears freak me out. Like what do I want to watch on T.V.? How about fat bears dancing and rubbing there furry behinds with toilet paper?! Awesome! ;p