Monday, February 14, 2011

Velocity Does Not Rhyme With Valentines But They Both Start With "V"

Greetings, comrades!!! Happy you-know-what day! (if you don't know what, check your Google browser, they always know) I just received a scrumdiddlyumptious box of Reese's pieces from Porky (or was that Mom? Hmm...) Either way, I'm having a happy, marshmallow-and-rainbow-filled-diurnal course...which means day. However, I feel it my nerd-ified duty to bring into light the official roots of the holiday, as learned by the superb Mr. Bird. Valentine's Day (originally "St. Valentine's Day) was a festivity to commemorate (duh) St. Valentine, a preacher in ancient Rome during a time when christian marriage was outlawed who was imprisoned for his in-cooperation. So...while your out getting chocolates and puppies from your dearly beloved, just try and remember that it's not actually about the heart-shaped's really about the miracle of marriage as justified by God the father. So happy....that!

P.S. Did I mention I'm going to get my hair cut soon?! Soon I tell you!! SSOOONNN...!!!!

P.P.S. i may have to be a coward and take back what I said about blogging if I was already....anyway, I forfeit. I love you all, but I'm just not all that diligent. Often though, this I promise."Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-... That's all, folks."


Bruce said...

Happy V (not victory) day my very entertaining and lovable granddaughter. I love reading your blogs. Sorry about the double comments on the last few...dumb computer. More reviews, more reviews, we want more reviews.
Love ya N & P

VWbugnut said...

Thanks! And don't worry about the fact that you keep commenting twice- just remember that I have to approve them, and that's why they don't show up right away. More reviews on the way!