Monday, March 3, 2008

New Book

I have decided to start doing more reading and less TV watching. Yesterday I got my book in the mail. The Scarlet Pimpernel. It's a really good book so far and think I'm gonna like it. I was going to buy a book called bug tales ( yes, I know I am a nerd. ) But I decided to read something more educational ( It was to expensive ).lol. Anyway the book is about the French revolution and a man who rescued royalty from behind the French borders. Exciting!


Christina said...

Sounds like a neat book. Maybe I'll steal it and read it myself. lol I love you and your blog is looking great!

nina said...

Great blog -even though I'm having problems getting into it and leaving a msg. I hope you get this. Love Ya, Nina

VWbugnut said...


chiefspark said...

Car Crazy Kid....
If you like this was made into a movie. I might even have a copy of it here.
If you like this you might also read
"a tale of two cities" it is also about the French Revolution.
You don't even have to buy it is available on Gutenburg Project and Libravox.