Monday, April 18, 2011

Let Me "Borrow" a Little of Your Time (tee-hee)


I'm not doing a darn thing right now so I figured I would blog for you. Your welcome ;)

With that confident attitude, I launch into a post that is about two weeks overdue. But that is so not what I'm here to write about. I'm here to write about that stupid pun, and by that I mean I'm here to review "The Borrowers", hence that stupid pun that I used in the title as a warning sign, a red flag for your brain to encounter and ask itself, do I really want to read this?

Anyway, I'm glad you threw caution to the wind and decided to read anyway, because today I have a treat for you.
I rented the borrowers nearly two weeks ago, under the pretense that if it was good I could write about it and if it was bad I could rant about it. What I discovered was that I couldn't even watch it. Now I know what your thinking...this is the person who can watch a Littles episode at least 27 times without having an aneurism. I watched Squirm and still managed to giggle thirty minutes in. I even sat through most of Space Jam. If I can't watch it man, no one can.
But that's not what I mean when I say I couldn't get through the Borrowers. I Just didn't have the attention span, or the time. I know it makes me a lazy reviewer, but with a trip to NC coming up, moving soon, and a symposium on the way, I really gotta cut my losses, and frankly, The Borrowers started out kind of slow. So while I was thinking about how I'm slop compared to Roger Ebert, I got the bright idea. "Didn't I rent this movie for the kids anyway? Don't I review kids movies according to how well kids like them?" So instead of racking my poor central nervous system for witty things to say about a film I didn't even watch, I let my little sisters "guest star" on my blog, which they were thrilled to do.

So please put your peebles together for our guest reviewers!!

First up is Isabel, who is 8 years old, loves Scooby Doo and the Littles, and has some kind of caffeine complex that gives her unbridled, unfailing resorts of energy. In other words, she's really, really hyper. This is how I think a conventional magazine interview works, but I probably wouldn't know since I only read one a long, long time ago.
It was Brendan Fraser.
Talking about the Mummy.
I love the Mummy.

(Me) "Hey Izzy, what did you think of the Borrowers?"
(Iz)"I thought it was really really good. Are you writing down everything I say?
(Me) "What did you think of the characters?"
(Iz) "I thought it was good, I thought it had good animation. Really, are you writing down all the words I say?"
(Me)" wasn't animated."
(Iz)"Oh. I know- it was real life, but I liked how they made them very small."
(Me)"Oh, OK. Anything else?"
(Iz) "Well...I kind of didn't like 'Greenpea'. The name. I didn't like the name."
(Me) "Is that all you want to say about it?"
(Iz) "Yeah. But about the Little's book. Tell them I LOVED the Littles book. I want you to read more today!!!"

The conversation was becoming off-topic so I instead presented the question to Esther, who is five, likes about the same things as Isabel, and is about the cutest person in the universe.

(Me) "I'm gonna ask what you think about the Borrowers. What did you think?"
(Es)"I can't remember."
(Me)"You can't remember anything about it?"
(Es) "Well...they fell out of their car...the boy started finding them. A guy dug a hole inside their wall cause' they moved. They fell out of the car. They borrow stuff."
(Me)"Uhm...did you like the characters any?"
(Es)"Mm-hhm, I liked the girl one. the two boy ones and their father and their mom, I liked all of them. Two boys and two girls. Five of them."
(Me)"Ok...was it like the Littles any?"
(Es)"Yeah! Like they used those helmets like...those nuts for helmets. They got lost. Because they fell out of the car. This hurts, Locksley this really hurts. Its really tight. Look at my finger! It's got a bow on it."
(Me)"OK, well thanks for your help. Anything to say in conclusion?"
(Es)"Yes, something about Looney tunes. We watched the first movie of bugs bunny, the first one. Would you read your whole copy to me?"
(Me) My first copy of what?"
(Es) "Of this! Duuuuhhh...."
(Me)"Go watch your Littles, Esther."
(Es) "I don't want to. I don't want to see Dinky get eaten."
(Me)"Bye Esther."

Again, the topic drifted. Then I consulted film expert Naomi, who is aged three, enjoys Wonderpets and Backyardigans, and if anyone could equal Esther in cuteness....

(Me)"Naomi, what did you think of the Borrowers?"
(N) "What?"
(Me) "The Borrowers, do you remember?"
(N) "OH! The borrowers are stealers. They!! It's a famous movie."
(Me) "Are they like the Littles?"
(N) "Yes."
(Me) "How?"
(N) "Cause they got...tail! Wait, they not got tails. They got tails! Borrowers got toys they can play with!"
(Me) Here's a Picture of them, remember?"
(N) "Yes. Dose ones are catchered!"
(Me)"Do you want to watch their movie again?"
(N) "No."
(Me) "Why not?"
(N) "Just kidding!"
(Me) "So you want to watch it again?"
(N) "Yes."
(Me) "Why?"
(N) "Cause get a video of it!!"

I tried eleven-year-old Ruby, who entered the room and tried to dress in peace.

(Me) "Ruby, what did you think of the Borrowers?"
(R) "Uhm...uh, it was a cute movie."
(Me)""Anything else?"
(R) I guess, sorta- but it was a funny movie. Well...cute, anyway."
(Me) "Is that all?"
(R) "Mm-hmm."
(Me) "Oh come on!"
(R) "Look, I got no pants on, all right?"

So, instead of wrapping up with a deep, philosophical view of the universe. (Cause I normally do that , remember?) I'll leave you with those three adorable girl's views. Not that Ruby isn't' adorable or anything, but you know....Mom's only observation about it was that it had some cussing, so you should definitely keep that in mind. And there I leave you. Remember: God is good, getting catchered is bad, and hair-bows on your finger hurt A LOT.

P.S. Looky! I figured out how to put pictures on the other side!!!

P.P.S. Ugga ugga boo ugga boo boo ugga!!

........Ruby will get it........


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ugga ugga boo ugga boo boo ugga

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