Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Or folly condition; With behavior" - Examination

.....which is "Looney Tunes; Back in Action - a Review", Translated into Japanese and then back to English on babel fish. My, what a fitting name they gave that site. And yes, I know it should say "Toy Story 3" ...a review....or something to that effect, but times change. I blog slow and I can't always stay behind to review stragglers. There, glad that's off my chest. Oh yeah! But before I give you the review, I have to tell you something;

" You know that scene from "Lord of the Rings" where he kept getting up and the guy kept shooting him? That whenever he gets up he'd be saying "Take that! take that! bad old putty cat!"

I hope that makes sense. Isabel forced me write it down one night in the middle of a movie. She was entirely certain it was going to be the funniest thing to ever go on my blog that she made me promise it would go in my next post. Anyway.

About that movie. My reasons for watching it? I like Looney Tunes. I like them a lot. I would really like to see them make a good come back. I wasn't hopeful about this movie. Maybe the more you expect the less you get and vise-versa, like the Inspector Gadget thing- I expected the stuff you scrape off your shoe after walking through a sewage leak. And believe or not- I liked it...uhm, not the sewage, I mean the movie.
OK, please don't think I would stick up for something just because of how much I liked the original. I didn't review Inspector Gadget badly because I hated it. I had respect for those cartoons even though they gave me a go-go gadget migraine. If it was a bad Looney Tunes movie, trust me, I'd tell you.
I am forced by the laws of logic to start with the plot, which is a bad place to start because the laws of logic have absolutely no bearing. Figuring out the plot while the movie is going is like trying to read it off the side of a moving train...I guess that means you would have to read it backwards too, it was that confusing. Basically, there is this fella named DJ (Brendan Fraser) who is the son of the leading actor at Warner Brothers, but he is a security guard/want-to-be stuntman. He is fired by the new executive (Jenna Elfman) who then goes on to fire Daffy Duck...she is then fired herself because of her bad decisions. Daffy and DJ then find out that DJ's father is actually a super spy who entrusts them with a mission to destroy a certain diamond that turns people into monkeys. Steve Martin plays the bad guy who is also the president at the "Acme" corporation...oh and Bugs Bunny is in the thing too. Man, I can't even sum it up in a way that makes's enough to say that they go to Paris and Africa and Los Vegas, most of the other Looney tunes characters get a part, and there was something about a flying car. My gosh, it was confusing...hence the keyword "looney". BUT- it was funny. This being the important thing.
It sounds like DJ/Fraser is the main character- the plot (loosely said) centers around him, but the movie doesn't. The movie centers around Daffy Duck, who really hams up his part, but no one minds, because no one's a jerk, and you can't deny that the movie was funny because of it. My hubby was only in there for a second, but it was a funny second. I read on Wikipedia (the upsetting fact that I spend time on wiki reading about WB's lawsuits is not the subject of this post) a few years before the movie, Warner Brothers was forced to donate like $12,000 and make a bunch of public service adds just to settle a lawsuit with the NSP (national stuttering project) about Porky Pig, so hearing Porky complain to a sympathetic speedy Gonzales about what a pain in the butt it is to be politically correct is one of those things you can snicker over...if you read wiki a lot. Feel enlightened.
My last word; (thank God, you say) The movie was much better than to be expected from the ailing WB studios. It's funny, kind of a whirlwind of extremely good animation techniques and classic gags. Not much of a plot- great performances from Brendan Fraser and Steve Martin (who always makes me crack up, no joke) and whats-her-face the girl. some un-necessary weirdness involving a girl in a skimpy outfit. Basically a good movie to pick up for a one-nighter with the family or just for the kids. My, what an in-elegant ending, but we can't all be perfect.

P.S. My books are on the way. I have never been more excited about reading!

P.P.S. My hair is to be cut next week. The day after tomorrow I have an appointment to babysit. I got my VW book. It is good. That is all.


Christina said...

Good review, but a little hard to follow. It makes me think you are talking really fast. lol And I sooo hope Looney Tunes never makes a comeback. Modernizing wonderful classics only ruins them, in my opinion (examples: Winnie The Pooh, Annie,etc...).

VWbugnut said...

Ah, but that's when they are modernized BADLY. However, I see your point. (Major Example; THE MUPPETS)

Bruce said...

I think the best combination of animation and cartoons was "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". How about reviewing this movie. I Think the characters might have been "Looney Tune" people. They did live in Toontown. Maybe it was just a take off of Looney Tunes.

Bruce said...

Good review. I don't think I ever heard of the Looney Tune movie. Did you ever see "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"? It was a combination of animation and real people. The characters were either Looney Tune people or a take off of Looney Tunes. I would be interested in your review of this movie.