Friday, February 18, 2011

This Probably Means I'll Never Post Again- Nah, Don't Take It Seriously

Hello, folks. Maybe I will begin calling you that permanently. I like it.Random you say? Well yes, maybe, but that is just me. And many other people, I've noticed. "Random" has become the new cool, maybe soon doing what people would normally expect you to do will be considered random. Huh. Anyway, I would look out if I were you, because I'm really only blogging to soothe myself.
Let me describe the scene, to begin with; Mom and Dad are out to their anniversary dinner, I begged Mom not to go out at lunchtime on the off-chance that the hairstylist would call, and now I am regretting that decision heartily. We just adopted a new dog, Sausage, a tiny beagle-doxin (doxon? doxen? oh you know what I mean) drop-off, whom the girls are all swooning over, much to Guppi's chagrin. "Inspector Gadget" is on the living-room. That was my doing. I like the sound of that show- it's got a familiar, cozy feeling reminding me off a time- a few months ago, when I wasn't doing this in and out thing with depression.
Yeah, I'm a little depressed. It's not a problem at home, I swear. I know I've probably caused everyone-I know Mom and Dad- a lot of grief with all my late-night depression-confessions, but in all honesty, my life is pretty good. I just have anxiety issues- and being an emotional teen-ager does not help them. Just about everything freaks me out, things like the full-moon or the sound of a semi going by outside. Yes, I'm weird. But don't be scared- I'm still me.
It's pretty foolish too- the only thing it takes to break me out of it is one person to tell me that I'm freaking out over nothing- not to worry, that I'll be OK. So now you know- I don't need a sedative, just someone to honestly and truly tell me that everything is in the norm.
Yeah, that helped. It always helps. Thank the Lord.

P.S. I finished the Mel Blanc book, it was good. Basic analysis? Sure. Blanc is a cool guy, witty sense of humor, non-religious and from a Jewish family. Got to work almost all the big names in Hollywood in his day. Smart fella, whole chapter devoted to Porky Pig. Thought I couldn't fit a reference in? You were wrong.

P.P.S. No, I did not get my hair cut today. We walked in to the salon and were informed that the stylist was sick and couldn't help us that day. She was nice and we made an appointment for Wed. Darn, another day I
have to go to class without a haircut. Darn. Refer to the following picture for the way I feel about it;


Jon said...'s spelled dachshund (German for large sausage).The Germans actually bred the Dachshund as a food source during the Franco-Prussian war. The troops would kennel tens of thousands of Dachshunds along thier supply routes. A bun ready food source for the battle weary Prussian soldier. Hot Dog!!

VWbugnut said...

Well thanks...could a' gone my whole life without knowing that...

Christina said...

Well, you do know that your dad is not telling you the truth, right? ;-) So, now you can finish your life in peace.