Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That's Not All On Sunday Nights At Seven When Your Green, Folks!

Mmmmmyyyyy books arrived!!! FINALLY! And just when you were thinking "She can't possibly use another Porky Pig reference in her post title." Well, you terrible people, while your all thinking about how obsessed I am, take a gander at this;

"Good-hearted Porky never was a very credible scam artist. While this character trait made him beloved by audiences, ironically, it ultimately led to his downfall...With the emergence of Daffy, Bugs Bunny, and other Warner Bros. characters, he was relegated to either playing Daffy's foil or to ensemble work. In 1940 fifteen Porky Pig cartoons were produced; in 1950 just three; and in 1960, none. The studio even repossessed his "That's all, folks!" tag line, which as far as I'm concerned is like ripping the starts off a general's uniform.
Porky Pig made his theatrical-short farewell in Corn on the Cop in 1965. by that time many considered him a mere has-been. Discarded bacon. But I'll always have a soft-spot for Porky. I owe him a lot." - Mel Blanc

There. Do you all feel terrible? I hope so.

I on the other hand, I'm already half-way through the Mel Blanc auto-biography, and ruby is making fine progress on the Jack Benny, which is called "Sunday Nights At Seven". The title should begin to make even more sense now. I'm learning all sorts of cool stuff about Mel, and movie stars in general. Hooray for those rainy days when you can just sit in bed and read!! I'm also $25.00 richer, thanks to my babysitting fun last night, but maybe I should have saved that for the P.S., since as I now realize, there really is no news and I just wanted to share the word that I have my books. Oh well.

P.S. (you still get one, sillies) mom called and actually made an appointment to get my hair done on Friday. My faith is beginning to waver so here is my half-hearted, slightly sarcastic "hooo-ray"

P.P.S. I'm back on my computer, so you may now have a picture of you-know-who. You should be realizing how adorable he is about now, and if your not, your desthpicable!!


Christina said...

It wasn't a rainy day at all! In fact, it was quite beautiful. You should have taken the book out into the sunshine to read. :)

Bruce said...

You're welcome

Jon said...

Well, Porky shined in that cartoon where he and Sylvester slept over in the haunted house. I guess he had the straight man syndrome. He was the catalyst by which other comedians were contrasted, but under appreciated himself. He was the Bud Abbott of Looney Tunes. And the Lou Costello, in a way. Weird. Oh well.

VWbugnut said...

You know, I have been WAITING for someone to actually SAY something about P.P. I agree, the thing is, it's like- he wasn't as "Looney" as the other characters, but without his persona to contrast with, none of the others would have been so funny. And at least one of those eps were their in the haunted house is on surfthechannel. ;)