Friday, April 29, 2011

A Fifteen-Year-Old's Graph of Film Nior Entertainment

Hi again.

I have to apologize for the fact that this is all the introduction your going to get right now. If I were in the "blogging mood" I'd be able to think up a whole post and not a measly little diagram.

So...I was cleaning the kitchen today, thinking about whether I was going to watch "Secret Agent" or "A Night In Casablanca" when it came to me- how a fifteen year old girl in a modern society can be so entertained by thing films that were created for a completely different audience. What is it about old movies in contrast to new ones that make me so interested? Is it just that film was better done, better acted, better made? Timelessness that I'm rediscovering? If all the fifteen-year-olds in the world were exposed to good old films, would it become the new phenomenon? Or is it some taste of mine that makes me like old movies so much? I decided to try and solve the riddle of appeal in old movies by illustrating and examining my own tastes. Here I have a graph I constructed of the things that make me laugh out loud V.S. the things that bore me, or make me sad or make me snicker with cheesiness. I hope at least some of this is understandable. You'll need to click on this in order to read it;

Well I don't think that helped at all.

But at least now I have a nice, illustrated, somewhat scary view of the way my mind works concerning old movies.

If you need a memory jogger, here are the movies I used in formulating these observations. From right;

1.The Maltese Falcon
2. The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca and everything else he's in.
3. Arsenic and Old Lace
4.Dead End
5. Arsenic and old Lace
6. The Maltese Falcon again
7. Tea for Two and Casablanca
8. The Man Who Knew Too Much, Secret Agent
9. To Be Or Not To Be
10. The Inspector General, White Christmas
11. The Inspector General, White Christmas

At some time in the far-fetched future I plan to actually review one of these films that I keep hinting about watching. reviewing. I should try that some time, shouldn't I?


Anonymous said...

i love all those movies most except Alfred Hitchcock;P

VWbugnut said...

Hitchcock wasn't AWFUL...just that last one sort of bored me. Lorre went the whole movie without getting slapped once! ;p

Jon said...

Cool graph. Time to come home and catch up on these movies!

Linda said...

Dude, you clearly have not been exposed to the right Alfred Hitchcock films. We'll have to fix you up at some point. And for what it's worth, i'm not talking about either The Birds or Psycho, both of which are creepy.

Loved the graph.


VWbugnut said...

I got the same impression about "The Birds" from the trailer I watched, not really my style. And yes, I absolutely agree about Hitchcock. The more B-movies I see from this era the more I realize his movies had depth and style and an interesting sprinkling of comedy to them. Still, "Secret Agent" was a bomb. Guess I will be taking your suggestion next time!

VWbugnut said...

P.S. Mr. Bird...or, Linda...your in class-comment the other day about Roger Ebert's review of "Atlas Shrugged" had me snickering over the post titled "Me And Ebert". If you happen to have read it- no offense meant ;)