Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Completely Rambling Post With No New Pictures Of Porky Pig

For once, once in my blogging career, I am going to write the post before the title. I amaze myself with my foresight. I am like a juggernaut. Whatever that is.

I am sitting in a an unfamiliar living-room, in an unnaturally quiet house, on someone else's laptop. And no, I'm not singing the Talking Heads, I'm actually babysitting. Jude, my client, is asleep (I hope) and I am left alone to try and blog while tired and wishing for Looney Tunes. I have figured one thing out about myself; as much as I love to act like my mother's homebody-ness is a pain in the rear, I may have the worst case of homesickness ever. I always miss home. Weather I'm on a gorgeous vacation in Florida, or just spending the night at a friend's, I can be having a ton of fun- and still miss the sanctity of my home. I'll miss Guppi sniffling in my ear, the freedom to put on music very loudly in my room, my John Denver records, my Muppet movies, Looney Tunes playing the living room, the picture of Porky Pig on the fridge...and, of course, my awesome family.
I love them to death. They are the number 2 source of my happiness (the first being Jesus). I can be myself around them, my true self. They know all my quirks and my flaws and embrace them unconditionally. My sisters look to me as a friend and mentor and role model even after they've tasted my jim-sock-flavored cookies and watched me kiss the above mention P.P. picture. Mom is my best friend, Dad is my hero. We have inside jokes, similar goals, we share everything. The fondest sentimentalities I have are all related to my parents. I get this soaring feeling of joy and identity, if I listen to an old favorite Bob Dylan song while looking at pictures of my early childhood. I talk about things like the Muppets as reminding me of my kid-hood, but it's not really the movies. It's the re-discovered security and joy that I had in those days, and I think everyone, to some extent, longs for that.
So this is just a little opening up; I'm not depressed, I'm just thinking and feeling out loud. Thanks for a listen.

P.S. As you have probably noticed, there seems to be no right-click on this computer, so I can't do spell check. The truth has been revealed. This also means that I cannot post a picture of Porky Pig for you this time :( (super sad face)

P.P.S. Jude is adorable, just sayin'. I am hoping to get my haircut tomorrow, but the odds aren't good. Cheers and more cheers, and remember; God is awesome, Daleks are cool, and Porky Pig is still absolutely adorable.


Christina said...

I love you, Kiddo!:)

Bruce said...

You're welcome

roadrunner201 said...

Hey, whaddaya know? I think Jude is pretty darn cute, too! But being his mom and all, my vote maybe doesn't count?

And don't you hate that about Macs? I mean, I like that they don't get viruses nearly as much as PCs, but no right click button? Come on! (But for future reference, if you ever end up having to blog from my computer again, to "right click" you press "control" and then click. It's like learning a whole new language operating on a mac.)

VWbugnut said...

Thanks-a-bunch! ;)