Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A More Coherant Post

First of all, let me explain why I chose this particular moment to blog.It happened something like this; My sister told my Mom that I was making myself a cup of coffee at 7:50, Mom told me I would never sleep, and I was "Augh! I'm doing school! I need coffee!' and she was like "Look at my Bejeweled Blitz score!' and I was like "I'm going to do school." and she was like "Fine! Go do your school!" and then I went to my room and looked at my paper and decided I didn't want to do school anyway. So...I guess that's not really a reason to blog after all, in fact I'm not even sure why the hour chosen to blog needs an explanation...oh well, this is me were talking about here. And speaking of me, it's time for my daily criticize-my-own-blog-post rant! Just kidding, it was awesome. And, as I now realize, not really that long (thank you Papa!) just really, really, incoherent- with lots of disjointed sentences, abstract thoughts and random news flashes. Oh yeah, and my "N" key had something spilled on it so it's really sticky now and takes me like three times to get it to work, so I wrote "wet" instead of "went", and other such grammar faults several times. OK, I named this "A More Coherant Post" (yes, I name the posts before I write them-it's fun but doesn't really help with coherence- can you tell I like this word?) anyway, in the spirit of coherence (how many times?!) I am going to try to start thinking up a theme for all these posts that have no news-bringing purpose, like "What I think of ducks" or "My view on the PT Cruiser" or something like that. This means that improvised posts, as in the past, will probably be public failures; as they are all my inexplicable thoughts on the things I choose to talk about- but isn't that what a blog is for? I'm thinking about one called "favorites" that may go up soon, and perhaps I'll blog about Panspermia (alien seed model) after that. Anyway, this hasn't been, despite it's ambitious title, the most coherent (four times!) post ever, but it got the job done, and my restraining from making it too long by including the "Favorites" thing gave me hope that I can, actually, be an organized cohesive blogger.

P.S. I mentioned the argument I had with my Mom briefly above. I would like to publicly apologize for it; Mom, I sorry. And your Bejeweled score is goin' down!

P.P.S. I almost forgot! I got the most sensational, inspirational, celebration-al, Muppet-tational
Kermit-the-frog hat the other day. I mean really; aside from God and a whole lot of other things, it's like the most awesome thing ever.

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Christina said...

Haha... You make me chuckle! And you can not beat my score because I am Bejewled Master! ;)