Monday, October 25, 2010

A Post That Runs On And On And On...

Spurred by an encouraging comment from my grandfather, and driven by the fact that I am in the between stages of playing Bejeweled Blitz till I get a headache and working on the essay that isn't due for a week and a half, I return to you now to blog. But to blog about what? Current events are not my strong point in writing- I will never be a news reporter. However I can say this much without sounding boring and monotonous, like a Gregorian monk chanting recent events; Ruby's birthday was this week! I say "this week" because I don't want to say Saturday, and it ends up being Friday, and so embarrassing myself in front of anyone who reads this and actually knows. I can safely say, however, that it was the twenty-second. Ruby wet shopping and spent the night at Nina and Papa's house, and the next night we all took the traditional trip to Cracker Barrel with Aunt Kim, Lilith, Aski (Asky?), and Grandad Dave. I then proceeded to buy myself a necklace from the giftshop,(because that's much more important than the birthday thing), Naomi rubbed her lollipop on the trashcan ad gave it to Aski (Askie?), and we all went home. Except Ruby who, now being a hundred-air, got to spend the night at Nina and Papa's again. Aside from that the news get's pretty monotonius, I have been working on the Alien Seed symposium, and after watching hours of "Cosmos" and "Origins", I am pretty alien-ed out. It thunderstormed last night too, and after having a long dream about a Halloween party, I awoke to find the power out and it thundering loudly. End of news. And now; two random pictures of me! (because what girl doesn't lie posting random pictures of herself?) The first one is me painfully fixing my hair, in my Beatles shirt. he words "SPEECH" and "Flush!" are visible on my arm. I can explain. My speech was due in two days, and when I was writing it on my arm I asked Ruby if there was anything else I needed to remember, and she oh-so-funnily said "Flush!". I thought it was funny at the time. The next picture is me looking angry at the person who took the picture. I'm trying these out because I would like to find a new header. I like the one I have-I've had it since January 2008- but it is also in my side bar, and when I post things on FB it makes it look like there all about Herbie. End of long, long post.

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Bruce said...

Hello...Hello...can you hear me???
I said the pictures are cute and your post is not long enough. It was good seeing you Sunday.