Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finally, a Fabulous Foundations Collegium Post Featuring My Famous Friends!

Hi. I am fifteen today, and I would like to show you the people that I spent the majority of my day with. I am not going to give a whole lot of background, or say a bunch of funny things, because it's my birthday; and today I don't need humor to keep you reading my blog posts. But first; a few disclaimers- Raz, there is no picture of you in here. Sorry, but you got there just a bit to late and we were already about to start and I was like "I'll get a picture of you later!" as soon as you came in and you were like "What?" except you said it like I had just confided in you that I was turning into a giraffe, and the anxiety at my social skills that this created in me prevented me from concentrating and I forgot to take a picture of you. Also, a few of you are either really insecure, or in trouble with the law- or you just thought it was really funny to avoid letting me take your picture ON MY BIRTHDAY. Ian, Graham, and Brenna; I'm looking at you. Except I'm not, because you wouldn't let me. Ian and Graham I let off the hook because I managed to sneak a photo of while they were talking, but the world will never know what Brenna looks like. There are no pictures of Jonathan or Julia in here, because Jonathan was sick and Julia arrived about the time the cake was cut, so there was obvious reason for distraction. Wow, I said I wasn't gonna say a whole lot and then I did. So here are the pictures, with (hopefully) as little explanation as possible.
First is the picture of Herr professor Bird, he's the noble looking fellow holding the blue glass.
Then we have two pictures of two people; Christian is coming the door and looking both happy and surprised that I am taking a picture. And younger Graham (there's two of them) is looking pleased with himself at being there first. And then I have a picture of the two together making a funny face. Alyssa managed to strike a nice pose in time for my ninja-fast camera attack (she is wearing a pink sweatshirt and a bow), and Hank is always standing about like he wants his picture taken, he is in the dark brown sweatshirt. Older Graham is wearing a green rugby tee-shirt and trying to hide from my awesome snap-shot skills. Well it didn't work, because you will notice that I have a photo of him from the side too. Ian also tried, and failed, to avoid me by making what he thought was an impenetrable wall from his red sweatshirt. And like a patient hunter I waited for him to become distracted, and he is going in the post too. Brenna, however, managed to somehow avoid it, she is the only one who's face is not visible, but her black and white shirt is very pretty at least. Denver is also seen smiling as he comes through the door, and since I don't want you to mistake him for Christian, he is wearing blue and Christian is not. Also, to save time, I included a rather blurry photo of Anna, (middle) Natalie, her sister, and Alyssa, whom you've already been introduced to. They are very interested in something on Anna's phone. Sorry if it's not the best picture ever, but at least your faces are all slightly visible. So in conclusion- and If you've read to this point I can only assume you've noticed this already- when I started writing this post I figured that blogger, being as advanced as it seems to think it is, would have a nice organized system of putting the photos up and letting the writer decide what order they go in. I was wrong. So you'll just have to scroll through and find the photo I'm speaking of using the brief description I gave you and your own blind luck. And I'm going to sleep now.


David Kennedy Bird said...

If you WERE turning into a giraffe at the time of your encounter with Raz, Locksley, then perhaps Ian's position in the symposium might need to be given a second look. Nice stuff!

VWbugnut said...

Ha! Didn't even see that coming!

Christina said...

Nice picture post!