Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Blog Post Without a Name Because I Can't Think Up a Witty One

Thank you Mom, for being the only one to fully appreciate that last blog post. There, now the guilt trip for the day is done, and more! I have set the scene for the rest of the blog post; because Mom- you and Dad are gonna get a lot of thanks this post. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this without feeling guilty, because although I have about a million things to thank my parents for during the day (thank you for not killing me, thank you for not tearing my hair out, ect.) I never, ever do until all of a sudden they just decide to do something awesome for me out of the blue, and then I get on face-book and I'm like "I have the best parents in the world!" and even though they think it's really great that I acknowledge that fact, I'm sure my parents must have that tiny seed in them that says "You know, she only posted that because you did something nice and she doesn't want to be nice to you the rest of the day and she wants you to think she's really nice when you do nice things for her so you'll do more nice things." Their brains seriously over-use the word nice. And though I've done that innumerable times, I'm sure the tiny seed has only gotten worse, but here's the thing; I'm really not doing it for either of those reasons. Really. I love you guys a TON and I think your the best parents in the world and when you do nice things I just feel really bad for not doing nice things for you; but I'm not all that creative and I have a limited number of resources, so a face-book post is usually the only thing you get for your efforts. Sorry. But hey, this time it's a blog post! So now that that issue is (hopefully) clarified, I will tell you the nice things they did. So, as you ALL know, next week on the 11'nth everybody's favorite blogger, guitar player, VHS collector and VW fan will turn 15. But since it was unclear whether Dad would be in town that week they decided to give my present on Thurs ( I think they were actually just afraid that I would figure out what it was since I'm such a genius ). I can now admit that when I was first told that they had my present, and that it was an electronic, and that I would love it, I had serious doubts. How could they know what I wanted when I didn't? There was no electronic that I knew about that I wanted; iPod? Not really. iPhone? No way. I was confused and disappointed without cause. But I had underestimated my family- man! Do they know me! The present (which I have included pictures of ) is a record player, CD player, Tape player, Aux player, LP converter, tape converter, and Aux converter (all to CD), and it's beautiful, isn't it? But that isn't the only thing my long-suffering parents have done for me this week, no; last night, the day before Dad had to leave town, he spent getting my bug over here. That's right, it's finally back in my hands! And because of the cold and dark and rust that Dad endured moving it, I forgive him for the broken front and back panels and other "Minor cosmetic damages" inflicted during the move. Hopefully, if my personal responsibility holds out, I will blog in detail about that later. And now; to conclude the post; I would like to say thank you to both Mom and Dad for giving me one of the best weeks of my life. And for, in general, putting up with me, my crazy emotional-ness, my eccentric hobbies of collecting rare Muppet things and doing random British-impressions. I have no idea in the world how I would have gotten on without parents as cool as you. You Rock.


Christina said...

Aww... we love you, too! :)

Bruce said...

What a cool looking piece of machinery. Yes,you are very lucky to have such good parents. But then I am a little prejudice. They are also very lucky to have a great kid like you. Looking forward to seeing you this Weekend.
Love Papa