Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Favorites! .....Just Kidding, Panspermia!

Ok, the title is done-now to think up a post that goes with it...kidding. I actually do have a plan this time! Yesterday I forewarned of a post entitled "Favorites" that was to come up today. Believe me, I had every intention of making that happen, but when I actually got to thinking about it, it sounded like the lamest thing ever. I mean, let's be honest guys- I joke a lot about how my blog posts mainly center around my interests; but really, I keep you guys informed and manage to slip in some funny sentences here and there right? It would appear that this, coupled with your incessantly nice comments asking for more, have given me the idea that I am an invincible blogger and I can pull of post about anything I want, even toenails. But who really wants to sit on their computer, and read a list of the things some other person likes? Really?! So I'm scratching that idea and moving on to the next one; PANSPERMIA!!! Panspermia is a theory on the origin of life, a way to justify the existence of aliens and include them into our cosmic ancestry, a way to pull together the intelligent design and evolutionary theories without loosing the romance and science of's also my symposium topic. Which is the only reason I say all those nice things, because lets face it; anyone who's so desperate to believe in aliens they try to form a real scientific theory off of it-is a total fruitcake. But I picked it, I've researched it, and I'll be defending it next Tuesday. But actually I'm pretty excited, mine will be hard to defend so they will expect to wipe me out and man, they got another thing comin'! I hired Doctor who and a Dalek to stop by afterward anyway, in case things get too rough. And that's about it. I would love to tell you more about the actual theory but...actually I don't, and since this is my blog I wont.

P.S. I'm include a link here to a HILARIOUS blog written by a really funny girls, however it is my strict duty to warn you that the content is pretty adult; mostly due to her tendency to use strong language to accentuate her posts. But if your one of my adult friends, and you feel man enough for it, I would give it a look because it's probably the funniest thing since Peebles. The
blog; Hyperbole and a Half

P.P.S. Picture is of Doctor Who. ;)


Christina said...

You are a goofball! But such a lovable goofball. ;) I love you, Car Crazy Kid!
P.S. Can you make sure that Dr.Who and the Dalek come by the house for tea, too?

VWbugnut said...

Thank you, but I doubt it made a whole lot of sense because the screwy blogger (or laptop, or me) totally deleted a whole sentence.Is a total Tuesday? I've fixed it now.