Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Holes"- A Sick Girl's Review.

"Smells like puke from a mule that's been ruminating on asparagus for a week!"- Dr. Pendenski

( That is my favorite quote from the movie ;-). First of all, let me clarify my use of the word "sick", what I mean is, I have had the flu for the last week. Not the other kind of sick as in "sicko". Glad that's out of the way. Well as you all know, I only promised- what was it- a week ago that this review was coming soon. It came! I cannot tell you how incredibly glad I was when the "Inspector Gadget" review got so much feedback...positive feedback...and I have really wanted to get off...I mean up and review another movie. We rented "Holes" the exact same time as "Inspector Gadget", and I had already seen it many times before, which is probably half the reason why it wasn't my first choice for reviewing- I already had a built-in opinion that I had shared with most of you. Anyway, when I watched this...uhm....this time, I almost expected it to be a bad movie. That probably had something to do with the aforementioned film, but it still shook my firm belief that this was an awesome movie, and helped me to look at it in a more honest, analytical way. And I still could find very little wrong with it. I like this movie! The plot is excellent, sure- I can't give Disney the credit for it, it was based of a book- but it is great. It's complicated and all ties in Seinfeld episode or something. Except that's a really bad example, because it's nothing like Seinfeld. Anyway- Patricia Arquette and Tim Blake, the name of two actors...or an actor and actress...who's acting needed help in this movie. Let me explain. I am a fan of Tim Blake- "O' Brother Where Art Thou" is in the top three of my all-time favorite movies, and he is one of my favorite characters in the movie... but his role in "Holes" was impossible. He plays Dr. Pendenski, the camp counselor. Originally, he is introduced as the nice, stupid guy, but early on a sub plot is introduced in which he is really, really mean to the supporting character, Zero. And it's just unbelievable. As in- you can't believe it, which still sounds too dramatic. And then as the movie goes on he get's meaner and meaner in general, and by the end of the movie he's just a sinister evil-genius- his entire character turns around, and it's just no good. Besides, he's way more believable as a nice stupid guy. And Patricia Arquette, who plays Kate Barlow... well- what can say? She's very pretty. There, that's the nice thing- and her acting is terrible. End of story. Anyway, the bottom line is this- I did my research, I asked at least a dozen people, including my teacher and my grandparents, and got one of the same answers every time- either "Loved it", "It was very clever" or "I've only read the book". And one guy just didn't like Shia LeBuff, but that's actor stuff, so I don't count that. But seriously, this movie had everything- awesome plot, reasonably good actors, some comedy, scenes in the old west AND with a pig, and a soundtrack that could have been anyone from Alison Krauss to Blues Traveler. I guess that's not a real big range. Oh well. What I'm trying to say is- this leaves very little grounds for reviewing. All I can really tell you is, go watch it! It's good...unless your a huge Tim Blake fan...

P.S. We just had our library membership renewed! So maybe I'll read the book and then write a whole post about how it is and isn't like the movie. I've read the book, but it was a long time ago and all I remember is that Stanley was fat.

P.P.S. You see how boring the reviews are when the movie is good?

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Brianna said...

lol locksley that was good it was most defiantly one of my fave movies that might because i thought twitch was so cute and that was the only movie he was in that i could watch lol but moving on and yes i too agree that Tim Blake's character was more believable as nice and stupid.