Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas and Crayons- Totally Unrelated

The store was full of old ladies. I don't what was going on, but I felt like I was at a fashion show for high wasted pants and turquoise flannel...because, that's what old ladies wear....

I scribbled that in my notebook in, surprise, surprise, a Wal-Mart parking lot. I included it (if you need a reason) because I'm sick of writing things and taking up room in my blog-notebook, and they never getting to my blog. And besides, thinking up an intro to these things is hard....

I am having a coherency problem, so I figured I'll just go ahead and skip to that. I told myself before the holidays that I was not, repeat NOT going to let the busyness of Christmas prevent me from keeping up with my blog, which I had finally gotten into a habit of doing...I, of all people should have known how unreliable I am. But the last time I blogged I left you out of breath, staring blankly at three black and white photos of people you didn't know and expecting an update about a Christmas party that never came. And now I'm going to have skip past the part about the Christmas party, the adorable version of Porky Pig singing "Blue Christmas" that I listened to at least forty times, the shock and disappointment I felt when I found out that both Morey Amsterdam and Andy Griffith had been sucked into providing voices for those terrible (but somehow cozy) Christmas cartoons from the 70' order to keep you up-to-date. So let's start with the presents, shall we? Normally, in the blissful days of my recent childhood, I was able to accumulate during the course of a year, a list of presents not below or exceeding roughly 2 million items. In this way, I knew that no matter how badly my parents anticipated which one I wanted the most, someone in my family was sure to get me an awesome present. However, this year I found myself completely stumped. I really had everything I wanted at the moment...except a guitar, but my mother was sneaky and dishonest enough to affirm to me that I wasn't getting one. And as a result, waiting for my Christmas present was like missing a trip to Disney world and then picking up trash off the highway...and then having to eat cold spinach for dinner. I had to listen to Mom and Dad actually complain they couldn't give it to me sooner. But it was worth the wait, and I am now the proud owner of a beautiful new Yamaha acoustic guitar with a Road-Runner brand case. (the inside of the case is furry and blue and the most comfortable thing since makes you want to crawl inside and become a ventriloquist's dummy just so you can live there). I also got a cool lap desk from Nina and Papa (which I am using right now, thank you very much ;) some silly bands- I'm not really into the silly band thing but these were Muppet silly bands, so I made an exception. I got two new cool scarfs, knee socks and a tee-shirt which merits description; It is gray, features Kermit the frog in large glasses and says "Geek" several times in big green letters. I really don't have a clue what would posses someone to make a shirt like this, but I do know that it has the Muppets and it calls me a geek, and is therefore the most expressive thing I shall ever wear. New Years was celebrated with non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice, Jack Benny specials and a lot of noise. We didn't get to celebrate Christmas with our other grandparents till the day before yesterday, and I came back with an awesome vintage VW bug puzzle from 1974, steam-curlers, and some capital, gnarly and pleasing new vinyl, including >insert girly squeal< two John Denver records. ANYWAY, our poster collecting is going surprisingly well. We already have the Humphrey
Bogart, a black and white "Casablanca" and an "Abbey Road". Today I am expecting a Jack Benny, and John Denver and Bob Dylan are on the way. So goodbye people! I told mother I would be working on my poster project, and something tells me she shall be rather unhappy to find out the truth. Some people simply cannot handle the truth.

P.S. At some point I'm going to grow up and stop using unnecessary pictures to draw people into my posts. At some point I am going to have a nice camera and be able to take decent pictures and then I'll be able to show you the tee-shirt and silly bands and guitar. But right now you'll just have to settle for the pictures of two of the the posters were getting (Bob Dylan and Jack Benny) and a stock photo of John Denver's "Poems, Prayers and Promises", one of my new records. Many apologies, especially as blogger's inability to cope with visuals is yet again cutting my post to pieces.

P.P.S. I almost forgot! We got "Toy Story 3" for Christmas too - and unless my laptop is impounded because of this post I will review it soon. Cheers!


Christina said...

I'm coming in to check on the progress of your poster project!Get to work, Missy!

Bruce said...

Good luck on your oral test today. Hope you got your poster complete. Call us and come see us soon.
Love ya,
Nina & Papa