Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stuff and Stuff

I get the sneaking suspicion I've used that title before. But, you see, to verify this would take research and neither me or you want to read old posts, so I digress. First off, I want to apologize for that last post. Not particularly because it was awful, in the technical sense it was a nice coherent (:D) post with plenty of good points- in fact, I may be just being perfectionist- I guess the problem was that there was nothing funny about it. If I'm going to write something I want it to have at least the bare minimal of humor to it, and there is positively nothing funny about watching Tim Blake in a bad role. But enough about that; Some updates! (your going to have to bear with me at first because this doesn't sound exciting) Me and my sister Ruby...meaning me...spent yesterday cleaning and the end result was that we earned 15 bucks each. That may not sound like a lot of money, but to a girl who wants as many things as I do, it's like the light at the end of the tunnel- I guess the tunnel is the day I spent cleaning...never mind, figure it out yourself. So anyway, Ruby is buying a Humphrey Bogart poster with her half, and hanging it over her bed in a spot conveniently visible to me and out of the way of my record- mural- thing. I don't know what the thing is about Humphrey Bogart- he's just about so awesome I can't think of anything to compare him too. He's not even really all that good looking, he's what you call intimidatingly handsome; he scares you into the illusion that he's the best thing since...or till... Harrison Ford. And that's just cool. But that's not my problem; I have been wanting a John Denver poster. And I am NOT afraid to admit that, I am embracing my own inner- nerd. You may call it de-socialization, I call it bravery; it's not easy carrying out a social life with a guy like John Denver hanging over your head-literally. That's what the pictures are of- The smiley guy (Denver, if you happen to be a crazy person and don't know) and Bogart, who looks like he just may shoot someone, these are the exact posters were getting, and I leave it up to you- who out does the other? Is John Denver friendlier (I refrain from saying 'cute') than Humphrey Bogart is tough?! We must solve this great problem! And that just may be were I leave you. I really just wanted to blog because I can, and because I want to have something else on the top of my page other than the boring "Holes" review. Oh! And a few more things; today was the last class day till February, but tomorrow we are going caroling and Saturday there is a Christmas party- (why is this my first Christmas party? That really hurts) so the festivities are not over yet. And; we have been watching a lot of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" ( D.V.D. is also among my list of awesome people) lately, and when I mentioned this to my grandfather the day before yesterday, he told me he had met Morey Amsterdam...and it is very hard to explain the significance of that to you unless A) you watched the show and B) You knew the names of the actors and C) you appreciate awesome people, because Morey Amsterdam is one O' dose. And I plan on buying a cool Muppet record. The end!

P.S. I added a picture of Morey Amsterdam for good measure. I know there are lots of pictures of awesome people in black and white but as long as you know who at least two of them are I trust you won't get confused.

P.P.S. I thought of one of those witty sayings you could put on a T-shirt: "Before the world had Chuck Norris we had Humphrey Bogart" Your welcome. I don't know how much sense that makes because I'm not familiar with Chuck Norris, I just know he's cool. And you may or may not get beat up for wearing a shirt that says that- it depends on how many people there are that still walk around thinking it's the 80's. And I also thought of something to compare him to; he's almost as awesome as my Kermit hat.


Christina said...

Ok, Pickles, that post made me feel out of breath! You were typing (or I guess I was reading) so fast. ;-) You're a cutie and I like your twisted humor and nerdiness (but that probably has something to do with the fact that you inherited it from me!)

VWbugnut said...

Aww...You calling me Pickles fills me with confusing love ;) I was tying fast- I started just wanting to do an update and hen realized that I had a ton of stuff to say-

VWbugnut said...

And I just NOW realized that I can't spell when I type fast!

Bruce said...

Thanks for the picture of Morey, my ol' buddy. Wonder what ol' Murey is up to these days...oh, yeah, I forgot. You write the most amusing posts. Please keep it up. Love ya, Papa