Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So, I have reached that point in the morning were the littles are watching "Sesame Street" or "Wonderpets", I can't tell, Ruby and I are arguing (healthy argument; "A dissagreement a day keeps boredom away.") and, although I should be helping Mom with the chores, I have slipped off to my room and have nothing to do. Which means you people are in for another rambling session. ;) First off, to update (and rub it in) I just got back yesterday night from a two-day sleepover at my friend Brianna's house. Fun! Activities therein included; watching "The Princess and the Frog" (which I, by the way, thought was a very cute and funny movie- although it had some parts that were way too scary for younger audience), playing the just dance game until we were completely sore (no, I never tire of that game, I'm a teenage girl for crying out loud!), and, of course, some "Doctor Who". And when we were all bored of that, we sat down and watched "Extreme Thrill Rides" on TV and 'riffed' all the commercials. Although I love Brianna's, nothing makes me value my own home more than a stay at somebody else's. Home is were the heart is- and nothing is better when your coming home than a hot shower, watching LOST, and then "The Muppet Movie" to go to sleep by. ( there is your healthy Muppet reference; "A Muppet reference a day keeps the...boys away? huh." ;) Anyway, I want my family to know just how much they, in all their craziness, mean to me. I have been blessed with one of the best life's imaginable. Now, that covers the past- how about the future? Well here are my petty and self-centered goals. To buy a new guitar; the old one is officially broken- the frets are warped and it's... just general an instrument that has seen better days. I'll probably buy a used one at the same place, the man there was really nice and helpful, he used to give Mom guitar lessons so I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to rip us off. Also, I have this cool pair of converse boots I want (in the picture, because there pretty hard to describe) there about fifty bucks though, so I doubt I'll be getting them soon. Lastly, I am going to start advertising my babysitting services soon. (I think I mentioned this before, but I apparently haven't nagged Mom enough to make her write one). Now I probably need to get off here- too much computer time isn't good for my eyes ( and too much of my blog isn't good for your mind ) just one more thing before I let you off- about that new Muppet movie- they (meaning Disney, or Jason Seigel or somebody) recently announced that filming will start in September. Not bad, maybe it'll be done by Christmas after all. OK, that's it, class dismissed- I have chores to not do.


Christina said...

Get to work! ;) Your crazy family loves you, too. I'm glad you like our crazy lives so much!

misguided_emma said...

those are some really cute boots locksley! I think I want a pair now! lol

misguided_emma said...

those are some really cute boots locksley. i think i wanna pair now! lol