Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

No, no, no, Your right, I am one day off from MY, birthday, today is my dear, wonderful fathers birthday. For the sake of politeness ( and because I don't want to spend my day in my room ) I will not tell you how old he is turning. And, in going above and beyond in my niceness, I have not once today called him an "old man" ( I do have his number under that on my cellphone though )
What I love about my dad is that he is so unpredictable, he is always smiling and ready to joke with you when you need it ( and occasionally when you don't ) He can also be stern when called for. I must admit I haven't been the nicest little girl to him today, and I'm not likely to pull my self from the computer and bake him a cake, either. But still, I thought a nice blog post was the least I can do.


chiefspark said...

Older than dirt! hahahahaha
Happy Birthday
Locksley, Jon, and Ruby!

Bruce said...

Well, I hope your daddy had a great b'day. He is a good daddy.

VWbugnut said...

oh, both so true!