Monday, November 10, 2008

The Final Countdown!

Well here I am. Biting my lip, bored out of my wits, only about fifteen hours away from officially becoming a "teenager". Today I'm trying to be EXTRA good. So that they have to e EXTRA nice to me tommorow. I feel like Annie: " Toooomorrow, tomorrow! I love ya! tomorrow! your only a day away!!"


Bruce said...

"Don't stop thinking about tomorrow" Oh, to be 13 again!!! or 23, or 33, or 43, or 53 for that matter. Enjoy 12 as loooong as you can. 13 can be a tough year, but hopefully it will be a super great one for you - you deserve it.
Lova ya,

Bruce said...

Well, it's finally here. Happy, Happy Birthday to a very very special girl and granddaughter.
Have a super duper special day and a great year.
Love ya,

chiefspark said...

Happy Birthday Locksley!
I hope you have a very happy birthday. Bruce is right though I wouldn't be in too big of a rush to grow up, enjoy being thirteen because being an adult will come fast enough and these worry free days will be long gone.
God Bless,

VWbugnut said...

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! I live with monkeys, especially three!