Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Bug - a - Palooza!

Guess what I'm probably doing next week! only the coolest thing a dorky VW nut like me would want to do instead of going to that giant art museum that's only free for a day, Bug - A - Palooza! Whats that you may ask? Oh nothing important, just the biggest once a year bug show EVER!! It's got tons of cal looks, (you know, California lookers? ) awesome paint jobs, and crazy lookin' bugs!! Oh' yah this is gonna be fun! Here's some pics from the last one.


chiefspark said...

can you say that three times fast?

VWbugnut said...

bug -a-palooza bug-a-palozoo beeza-paloobkdjshdkuwhdudhkjch AHHH!!!