Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nick news and the Mighty Bee

First, the mighty bee is a TV show. I'm not blogging about the insect. We watched the world premiere on Nickelodeon today. We've been seeing commercials for it for a awhile. It was created by a lot of the people that made the other shows we watch ( like Spongbob and FOP ). Anyway it's just a really funny animated nicktoon. The other more important thing is Nick news. My dad read a post on Gun Owners of America about how nickelodeon wanted teenagers from 11 to 15 to come on TV and talk about the case in DC about banning guns. He put an Email in to them about me. The next day, they called and said that nick had accepted me as one of the possibility's. Then, on Monday, I had a pre-interview with a lady directly from nickelodeon. They said after the interview that if we got picked me and one adult would fly over to NY. NEW YORK BABY! And stay in Time Square.of course, we don't know yet. But there is a good chance. Just remember I said maybe!!! ( picture is of Time Square )


Christina said...

"Do you wanna ride on a rollercoaster?" "Yes, I wanna ride on a rollercoaster!" heehee. I hope you get to go NYC, my little superstar! I love you!:)

VWbugnut said...

Man you CAN'T get that outta your head can ya?

Proverbs 31 wanna-be said...

We are all holding our breath and saying a prayer that you'll be on your way to the big city soon. We are all soooo excited for you and so proud of you. Of course we are proud of you for just being you also!
Love you,
Aunt Sam