Monday, May 24, 2010

Nothing in Particular...

I hate that. "What?" That title. It is the most obnoxious thing ever. I'm sure we've all been on Face book at one point to be utterly annoyed when your friends post there status as "Nothing in particular..." Agghh! I hate that! So let me get this straight, nothing at all has happened to you in the last twenty-four hours? Nothing?"Well, duh, that's not what people mean when they write that. They mean nothing of interest has happened to them." Oh, well in that case, allow me to offer you a suggestion...DON'T WRITE ANYTHING IN THE BLANK SPACE!!! Now I'm gonna stop. I never meant to drag the point on for so long. I have been meaning to get back on here and start blogging again ( here is where the reader roles his/her eyes, mutters "like we've never heard that before." ) Unfortunately, though I love the life I am currently enjoying with my wonderful family- it holds little interest to the average reader. I could mix things up a little and tell you that we were all captured by samurais, I escaped, shipwrecked, and am now writing this with my last bit of cell phone battery...but that would be lying, and to quote Charlie and The Chocolate Factory- its "Frowned upon by most cultures." ( yes I'm weird, random movie-nerd! I enjoy it thoroughly!" So I guess I'll just have to tell you that we ( meaning Mom ) have planted a garden which is growing nicely, I have an interview with David Byrd tomorrow about Foundations Collegium ( yes, I know, What? I'm still wondering the same thing ;) and we have a new momma cat and four adorable kittens. Today is also the birthday of my wonderful, not-so-little-anymore cousin Erin! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am now working on two books instead of one. "Pursuer of the North" is still coming (slowly) along and I am writing a little short story for my sisters (it involves the Muppets, hold on to your hats!) P.S. Only for my sisters to see!! Better go, I have sleep to get...not. Nighty-night!

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