Sunday, September 27, 2009


Right, well, what I mean by lazy is that I'm lazy when it comes to blogging. Really though I'm very diligent at another well-known Internet strategy to take up time and allow people to annoy each other without ever having to get within five miles of them - facebook. Aahh...facebook. But anyway I decided to start blogging again when I realized how many more comments I got on my blog than on my "Status Updates". I mean, I get way more responses when I wright something like this then when I put "Locksley Camille Hooker is brushing her teeth." Because then your just like "uhh...OK, Why did I wanna know that?" ( And yet we continue to check it everyday, sad, really) So I'd better tell you some of the things that are going on. Well, Ruby's birthday is in a few weeks..but that's nothing important. Was is important is that my fourteenth is coming up...soon. The exact date is NOV 11. I think we are probably going to do a big birthday party for both of us together with the home school group, sometime in-between, and then each get a little family trip out to eat on our real birthday. ( double the presents, MWAHAHAHA!!! ) SO it should be fun. Now I'll bet your wondering about what I haven't posted about yet...Herbie. Well, poor little Herbie is STILL at great-grandmom-Arthur's house. I did get all those parts to put on, but haven't actually put them on yet, what with Dad having to travel with work and all. But hopefully he will help me with it this week while he's home. Well I'd better go now, It's a beautiful early fall day. The birds are singing, the grass is green, and I haven't checked facebook for more than ten minuets!!!

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