Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Easter

Sorry it's been so long since I posted I've been pretty busy with Easter and stuff, plus we were sick all last week. Easter was a lot of fun for us, we got to dye and decorate Easter eggs, then we hunted for them, and then we ate them deviled! ( yes I know, shame on us for eating deviled food on Easter Sunday! ) It's not everyday you get to eat eggs with blue and pink spots! Unfortunately one of the eggs wasn't found, were all hoping someone else finds it before we Oh and BTW, It's Esther's Third Birthday!! Well, technically, it was Esther's birthday. But am I supposed to admit that I missed blogging about two holidays? Esther is also now sporting a new doo. that's right, Mom and Nina finally got up the nerve to cut those gorgeous curls of hers. But, no matter how sad Esther kind of decided for them when she took Mom's scissors and cut a big chunk out of her hair. Mom got her cut shorter too. They both look great, oh and speaking of looks, what do you think of the new background?

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