Friday, May 9, 2008

Music Lover

I have been meaning for awhile to post about how much I LOVE music! It is sssssssooooooooooooo cool!! Unlike most kids my age, I am not really a big fan of a lot of the currently popular stuff ( like Hannah Montana ). There's nothing wrong with's just never really appealed to me.On the other hand, my favorite band is the Beach Boys, my favorite boy singer is (was) Del Shannon, and my favorite female singer is Edie Brickell. I like a variety of music, just about anything that I hear and like and that Mom and Dad approve of, I put on a CD! I have 1960's and 50's rock, 70's electric guitar, 80's disco and 90's Edie Brickell. My all - time favorite song is a 1970's song called "Magic" by a band named Pilot (I think) I heard the song off of the Herbie fully loaded movie (man I am a nerd ) Any way I thought I'd say that sometime this week( PROBABLY!!!!!!) We are going to look at another, nicer bug that a friend of Dad owns.


chiefspark said...

I guess it's time I loaned you some of my sixties rock records.

VWbugnut said...

yah think?