Monday, May 5, 2008

First Driving Lesson

Well, Yesterday I took my first driving lesson. Cooooooooolllll!!!!!! That is, I think so nooww...... Yesterday, Me and my Dad were doing yard work. But we needed to move the cars. Our blue Volvo was right up on the hill. I remember just last year I wouldn't drive my friend's Barbie jeep. So you can Imagen my surprise when dad said he was serious about letting me back it down the driveway ( with him in the passenger side of course ). At first when I thought he was kidding so I said "Heck ya! " But then, the next thing I knew he was in the car calling me.AAAHHH!!!!!!! I probably have never freaked out like I did then. First, dad told me to put it in reverse, and I'm thinking "Reverse? reverse who?" But dad was cool and walked me through it even when I got so scared I thought I was gonna puke. Well, I backed it down the driveway, turned it around, drove up a hill with another car behind us, and then took it down the other side and parked in the grass next to dad's jeep. And after a couple minuets of intense gloating, Dad said, "OK, now lets take it back."I had to of freezed right then. If I took it back the other way I would have to go up a steep hill with a busy road behind us, then past a telephone pole. Well, I freaked again. But I was OK after I got those parts over. There was only one time when I was holding the wheel and I accidentally turned on the windshield wipers. So we're sitting on this hill and Dad's trying to turn the wipers of and I'm yelling "Emergency brake DAD!" But after that we were OK. I even parked the Volvo next to Mom's HUGE van! Of course I was telling all my annoyed little sisters "Ha! piece o' cake. I'll be driving that bug first time it runs!" And then Dad went and burst my bubble by saying, "you know, a bug has three pedals." GREAT!!!!! (not)


Christina said...

ok, just for the record, she was never actually on a road. Just the always empty alley and Daddy had his hand on the emergency brake...just in case. :)Lest anyway think we let our 12 year old drive on the road, we didn't.

hsm2twins said...

How exciting!! You are way ahead of me. I drove my first car when I was 17~in an old parking lot. And I was nervous too. The car was a stick-shift and difficult to manage. My husband (boyfriend at the time) taught me.

I was starting to college and I had to learn to drive, or else!

I am enjoying reading your blog and getting to know you better!


VWbugnut said...

Thank you very much!

chiefspark said...


I thought i would tell you a story about your aunt Jenny. One time she borrowed your aunt Kim's car and brought it back with the front end all smashed in....(you might need to remember this..)
Her reply was "Well it's only cosmetic damage!"
Yes Bugs do have three pedals.