Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Epistimology, Paradime Managment, and Laziness.

See those terms up there? Yeah, that's right, the long fancy ones-those are my excuses for putting off blogging for so long. Knowledge, dear devoted readers, and I am just bathing in it. I am, of course, talking about Foundations Collegium- the program that I started nearly a month ago, and the only thing that you people who never see me keep asking about. And what do you ask me, you ask? A lot of stuff, but namely "What is Foundation Collegium?". I can try to define it for you, and since this will probably go on face-book my teacher, Mr. Bird, may read it and want to correct me, and he's welcome to. Foundation Collegium is, in many ways a worldview education class. They cover a variety of subjects, (which are too plentiful and specific to try and name without my list, and I'm to lazy to get it) things such as: Critical Thinking, Spiritual Dynamics, and Biblical Studies, not to mention history and science under the fields of Art and Music, and Literature. All whilst- and at the same time- strengthening and examining a strong Christian perspective. I am definitely enjoying it. My teacher is wonderful, all the other students are great, and did I mention I got 98% on my first speech?! Yeah, I'm writing speeches! Now some of you may be wondering "So...that's all that's happened in the last...what is it...month since you've posted?!" and the answer to that is...yeah, pretty much. I mean, time has progressed (today, for instance, is my grandmother's birthday, happy B'day Nina!), goats have escaped and been put back in, rabbits have died, my record player broke- but nothing of real interest to the popular group. (There's a popular group?) So I will be forced, once again, to leave you with a few stringy, half-hearted announcements. First off, I found a place that can transfer my UK Muppet video (remember that? "Laugh it up Brianna Bales...") for five dollars, I may be attempting to learn Chinese soon, I composed my own version of "Gilligan's Island" for guitar, and, oh- MY FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP!! (in about two months...)


Bruce said...

Such big words for such a pretty girl. I feel proud that such a smart person is down my blood line.
Love ya,

VWbugnut said...

Ditto! <3