Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dreaming Of Summer

Happy new year! Merry Christmas! And all the others I missed in my "I'm to lazy to post" spree. Whew! busy year huh? And now we get to look forward to three more months of winter........AAHHGG!!!! Yah yah, I know winter just began, but really! What do you look forward to after New Years besides, well, summer! Anyway as for the distributor, I'm about $25.00 bucks away. =) And speaking of new years, I got to spend it in the best place I can think of, With my cousins! That's right, we ( me, Ruby,Isabel and Nina and Papa ) four day trip to Macon, GA. And had a GREAT time! ( though seriousy, it did NOT seem like a full four days ) But besides from that not much else has happened. Next week though, Isabel turns six! ( I can't believe it ether! )


JamesLovesHerbie said...

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Brianna said...

Hi, Locksely. I have a blog now. I'll send you an invite later.