Saturday, December 13, 2008

Engine News

Halleluia! Halleluia!
I just knew tough little Herbie would make it! Just the other day me my Dad FINALLY got around to working on my engine. Poor Dad. I warned him that if he kept insulting my bug with stuff like " We shouldn't have parked it under the trees, an acorn might fall and crush him." Herbie was gonna get him back sometime. Well he got his "revenge" when dad tried to remove the spark plugs. Ouch. ( Dad still has scars on his knuckles from getting cut on the rusty engine. ) Oh well, I guess their even now. After we got the spark plugs out, we sprayed PV blaster in the cylinders, and waited 24 hours in hopes that the pistons would get loose. ( Of course, as soon as we removed the engine cover it started raining and getting cold again ) Luckily, though nothing was harmed, and the next day when tried to turn the engine, Miracle of miracles, IT WORKED!!!!!! That's Herb's engine turns by hand! ( BTW, that means I won't have to buy an expensive rebuild kit ) Now I'm working on buying a distributor. ( Say that with me, distributor ) and that's only about eighty bucks.


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Bruce said...

Well, let's start saving for that distributor!!!