Tuesday, February 24, 2009


sheesh! Sometimes I think I'm the laziest person in the world! Well anyway I'd better at least start getting you up to date. First of all, yes, we have moved. And no, we are not moving to NC. secondly, I bought new parts for my car!!!!! You know what I told you about needing a distributer? Well not anymore! I finally got it! Unfortunately there is a neighborhood rule that says that it doesn't allow ( in a mocking voice ) "cars that don't run" in the neighborhood ( blah blah blah mean people and there rules blah blah ) anyway Herbie is cozily abiding at my great gandmom Arthur's house, ( sniffle sniffle ) without me. Also, I actually got a sorta-lika-job thing. I get payed a quarter a piece for ironing Papa and Dad's clothes! Oh, and me and Dad found out that it will only take around $150.00 to buy the numerous parts so that I can start him with a key.


Christina said...

wow Locksley that blog post was exelinte sorry for my bad hand writhing i love you. love,

Brianna said...

locksley thats great I'm up to 62.00 for my bug when i told my mamaw I was going to buy that vw bug she said why don't you get one that runs and I said they don't make that model any more only in mexico and in not driveing there and back for a bug when there's a bug I can fix right out of my nebeghhood she never said a word about it after that