Monday, March 14, 2011

You Are IMMEDIATELY Drawn To Read This Post!!


No, really, OK. I get it. The vid wasn't as funny to you as I thought it was, and left you thinking; "Man, she's weird. Should I say that in my comment? Be honest? Maybe I should add a 'lol' to help it go down easier. Maybe I should pretend to have liked it? Wouldn't that be dishonest?!" And obviously you came to the un-original conclusion that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Leaving me huddled over my computer like Gollum with the ring, eyes wide and bloodshot, drool pouring out of my mouth, waiting with baited breath for someone to comment. (By-the-way Papa, thank you for that un-helpful remark about Porky's lack of pants. Of course Porky doesn't wear pants! How many pigs a day do you see wearing pants?! And were would he buy them anyway? Sheesh!) So.... I digress from trying to force nerdy Looney Tunes humor upon you. But not the Muppets. I will never stop forcing them upon you. Never.

So I have a question for you. Why are you one of the only few human beings among millions who reads this blog? I'm not being vain. I'm not saying that I can't see why people don't. I just want to know, what would other people like to read? What draws you to blogs that your daughter/grandchild/niece isn't forcing you to read under penalty of emotional breakdown? And even more-so, what do you like about this blog? What would you like to see more of? Less of?
(It had better not be Porky Pig)

But for now, I'll give you a few updates. My cousin read my blog! Hi Abby! No that's not the only one, but still, exciting.

Yesterday I received both my Porky Pig tee-shirt and my new lunchbox (which I maybe didn't tell you about, my bad). Let me explain something. This is what the picture on ebay looked like;

And the add read; "Hallmark 2004 Lunch Wagon for Porky Pig Lunchbox"

I am not blond. I was at one point, but I'm not any more. Nor am I under the belief that blonds are any stupider than all the other hair-colors in the world. It LOOKS like a lunchbox, darn it!

But it's not. Its a Hallmark ornament. Going back and reading the add, I don't think they explicitly said that. But after all, since when does Hallmark manufacture lunchboxes? It was an enjoyable surprise yesterday afternoon. Not.

Past that the updates get sketchy and kind of "maybe"-ish. I may be taking my test to get my driver's permit soon. I may be buying a replacement lunchbox, and I may just go insane if someone doesn't suggest a good movie for me to review. Since it's been all Looney Tunes, Looney Tunes, Looney Tunes these past few weeks. (Enjoyably so, it is heartening to know that there is actually something on this earth that Naomi, Esther, Mom, Dad and the rest of us girls will all watch together and nobody has a problem with it. That's just awesome.) I really wish there was some other Looney Tunes-related movie I could rent, but since there isn't, I'm open to all suggestions.

And speaking of updates and movies, ever been reading my blog and been like; "The Moppets...she's mentioned them at least seven times in this post...oh, right- the Muppets! Yeah! wonder when there gonna come out with a new movie..." Well it's scheduled to come out this Thanksgiving. They said Christmas, 2010 if! Oh well, dream big. And on the loonier side of things, the latest development is that there's a newer, revamped looney tunes show schedualed to air on Cartoon Network sometime soon. I saw the "re-designed" character sketches and frankly, the more I look at them the more I hate them;

But that's really not the important part, is it? And besides, Porky is still cute.

Now imagine a really fat guy, and I mean obscenely gimongously huge, eying a limbo stick that's almost touching the ground.
His chances are about as high as my hopes for this show workin' out are.

So thanks for a listen people, and I think your all the coolest thing since Peebles. Now I'm gonna go hunt for my lost MP3 player.

Shhh....Be vewy, vewy quiet, I'm hunting technowogy! Heh heh heh heh heh!

P.S. This post is to long a belated for a P.S. Sorry.

P.P.S. But you may have a P.P.S.! Just remember the questions I asked you- and start thinking of some good movies!!!


Christina said...

hmm... so many confusing parts to that post. But, I love your blog just the way it is! It is a peak (albeit, sometime scary peak) into how your crazy brain works. ;-)
I think you should review some lesser known older movies. Maybe a good Ingrid Bergman film (Inn of The Sixth Happiness or Anastasia, perhaps) or something of that nature. And I hold no hope that anything Cartoon Network produces will be of quality and stand up at all to the original Looney Tunes.

Jonathan said...

I read your blog because it's jam packed with humor, and written by a frankly wonderful person.
As for move suggestions, you should check out an Alfred Hitchcock film. Avoid titles like "the birds", and "Psycho". And stick to his color films; none of the black and white stuff. (Not that I have anything against black and white films, it's just that his color films are frankly better.) try "North by Northwest", or "Rear Window". And whatever you do, don't watch "secret Agent"; I can safely clam that that is the worst film I have ever seen.

Wren said...

You could review megamind that was good.

p.s i love your blog:)

Abby said...

You could review Toy Story 3 or Megamind.