Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My new fave

Well, I finally found a TV show to watch. I mean sure, I watched Fairly Odd Parents. But let's face it, just like every other Nickelodeon show, it's gone down hill. My new favorite is the EXTREMLY long running British Si - Fi Doctor Who. I've always loved science fiction, and if your a friend, you know I like old stuff. That show has been running since the 1930's. Well it was on the radio then. There have been ten actors to play doctor who. They say he, 'regenerates' when close to death. My favorite doctor is the current one, David Tenennt. He is in both pics. Everybody else's favorite it seems is the fourth doctor, Tom Baker. ( curly haired one with the scarf.


nina said...

Hi carcrazy, this is a "crazy" blog you have and that is meant in the best way. You are getting really creative. One day soon, you can help me set up a blog for myself. I'm very technically challenged (I'm challenged other ways too, but we don't talk about that) so I need a lot of help. See you soon, Love, Nina

Proverbs 31 wanna-be said...

That's cool I'll try to watch it.