Thursday, October 2, 2008

Old Bug

You've all heard of the "new bug" right? Well wouldn't that mean that Herbie was an "old bug"? NO! Herbie happens to be a 1963 model and they get MUCH older than that. So how old DO they get? ( I'm writing this as if you actually care ) The first bug prototype was released to the public ( of Germany anyway ) in 1938. Did you know that some bugs were actually used in WWII? Dad says that's ridicules, to me it's just SICK! lol. Anyway here are some pics of the 38' model bug. Wierd huh?


chiefspark said...

Volkswagens were used in WW2 by the Germans. They made one version that was a "boat" version. Some bugs were used as staff cars but most were made similar to a volkswagen "thing". When I was in Germany the German Army was still using a Military version of a thing.(early 70's).
Tell you Dad to go and read some Volkswagen history....

chiefspark said...

Where's the BUG pics?